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When the phrase ‘Cat’s Eye Gemstone’ is said, people often think that it is a particular gemstone. But this is not true! There is no such gemstone of this name. It is the effect of light present in few gemstone varieties and those are considered as h3. Gemstones like Quartz, Chrysoberyl, Apatite, Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, etc. have an Optical Phenomenon of the cat’s eye. Coming from the chrysoberyl mineral family, cat eye chrysoberyl is a highly sought-after gem variety. The term is used interchangeably for Chrysoberyl gemstone. A beryllium-aluminium oxide mineral with a chemical composition of BeAl2O4, Chrysoberyl is distinctly different from the beryllium-aluminium silicate (Be3Al2(SiO3)6 mineral known as “beryl. The similarity in names often confuses many buyers. There is a single bright band of light across the surface of this gemstone that is similar to that of a cat’s eye. The stone is further cut as a Cabochon to get that cat’s eye effect. The base is often left rough and unpolished. A smooth surface will lead to light leakage and the effect will not be reached.

Who Should Wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

First of all, you must know that Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye is called lehsunia or lahsunia in Hindi. As it is directly associated with the influential planet ‘Ketu’, the stone acts fast. A lot of astrologers recommend this gemstone to people who are currently facing a difficult time of ‘Ketu Dhaasa’ and ‘Maha daasa’ in their lives. Lehsunia is generally recommended for Vrishchika (Scorpio) rashi. Aries, Leo Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants can also buy Lehsunia gem and wear it as directed by the astrologer.

Best Cat’s Eye Lehsunia Stone Price in India

We provide the best Lehsunia stone price in India starting at Rs. 450 per carats for a good quality gem stone.

Before buying Lehsunia gemstone, you must have asked for its price from several gemstone dealers. There is a reason why every individual is quoting a different amount. Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye stone price largely depends upon its Clarity, Cut, Shape and Carat weight. The price is also influenced by the stone’s strength. This is why you must always buy Chrysoberyl cats’ eye from a reliable resource. Only that way you will be fully assured of the quality.

As it is a rare and precious gemstone, Chrysoberyl cats’ eye is relatively more expensive than Quartz Cat’s Eye. The latter is a better option if you are looking for something affordable and offer similar results.

Lehsunia Stone Benefits

  1. Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone is associated with Ketu and used to influence its power in an individual’s astral sky. Astrologers often recommend this gem to annul the negative influences of Ketu. When this will happen, an individual will be able to enjoy better financial stability. Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone wearer also gets higher wisdom and better spiritual understanding. These are essential qualities that are needed to live a better life.
  2. When Ketu in your astral sky is blessed by cat eye stone, it helps in winning instant money in trades or gambles. This is because the stone harbours luck and fortune, leaving you to better financial stability.
  3. If you wish to stay clear of evil spirits, negativity, black magic, and major Doshas, Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone can also aid in that.
  4. The negative forces within the body are also dispelled and you can nourish your mind with positive thinking.
  5. Lehsunia stone is also helpful for those who are trying to reach their higher self through meditation.
  6. Those who are in creative fields can benefit from Lehsunia stone and be able to heal emotional wounds.
  7. If stress is getting the better of you, buy a cat’s eye stone and start wearing it as advised by an astrologer.

Quality Factors of Cat’s Eye

Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone is highly valuable. Not just due to its physical properties but also astrologically. So your chosen stone must be worth wearing. There are certain factors that you can look for when buying a cat’s eye stone. It will help you determine the quality of the gemstone you are buying. Even if you are buying it online, you can surely make an informed decision.

  • Sharpness of Eye Effect: This gemstone got its name because there is a light beam or band in it that resembles the eye of a cat. So, this is the first thing that you must notice in the gemstone you are buying. The colour should be preferably slight bluish-white, passing through the middle of the chrysoberyl cats’ eye gemstone. The gemstone that has a bright, straight and visible light band is considered most desirable.
  • Colour Of the Stone: The cat’s eye stone is available in a range of shades including grey, green to yellow and deep honey-brown. Yellow and green are the most common colours. It is the Honey colour cat’s eye that is hard to find. The latter is rare and of the highest quality. If we see from an astrological perspective, it is the ‘Kanak Khet Lehsunia’ (Golden honey or yellow-green cat’s eye) that is good for you. Smokey grey cat’s eye is usually slightly lower in quality but still a good alternative.

Buy Certified Lehsunia Gemstone Online in India

When buying a cat’s eye gemstone online, you must be sceptical of the product you receive. At Rajendra Gems, we understand your concern. This is why all our gems are professionally certified. You will get a certificate of its originality with the gemstone to offer you much-needed peace of mind. Being a reliable gemstone seller, for the past many years, our every gemstone is at the epitome of the highest quality. Our gemstone prices are also very genuine.


What is the best time to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Wear the cat’s eye gemstone on Shukla paksha days, between 5 am to 7 am.

What is the minimum weight to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Choose a cat’s eye gemstone that weighs 3 to 6 carats.

In which finger to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Wear it in your right hand’s middle finger for beneficial and fruitful results.

How to purify and activate Cat’s Eye gemstone?

Dip the stone in Ganga Jal or Cow milk for at least 20 minutes to purify the stone. Recite the mantra before you place it on your middle finger.