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Scientific Benefits of Gemstones & Their Connection with Astrology

Science behind gemstones

Do you wear gemstones? Have you ever thought that there are scientific benefits of gemstones? Yes, you heard it right, gemstones are not mere superstition! 

Gemstones have a strong connection with science and astrology

Let’s see how?

Hi, I’m Ekta, a writer having a fond interest in astrology and gemstone for years. While gemstones always fascinated me, at the same time, it also provoked a question within, which is, How do gemstones work scientifically?

I spent a lot of time learning more about this topic, consulting with astrologers and gemologists, and below are the key points that I learned. If you are also like me, looking for such answers, these insights will definitely help you.

From ancient times, people are wearing gemstones as they had faith in astrology. Still, the things are the same as we wear gemstones as per the astrologer’s advice.

However, we are the new generation and believe in practical things. So, many interesting scientific facts are depicting that gemstones are beneficial for us. Let me discuss that why I am saying so!

Science behind Gemstones

There is a strong relation between gemstone and science. Planets radiate the forces and influences via color. The gemstones have celestial forces that are governed by their respective planets. Sun is the symbol of vitality and impacts us. 

Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications.

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How prism is related to gemstones?

We all have studied the science behind prism in our school. When Sunlight is seen through a prism, the lights get converted into nine colors in which ultraviolet and infrared are invisible. So, this nine-color range is the epitome of nine planets. 

You will be surprised to know that these hues are the same as the colors of the gemstones. Also, the wavelength of the colors is the same as that of gemstones. So, a specific precious stone embraces all types of cosmic and solar energy. Moreover, special kinds of energy go through stone and are absorbed by the body. So, if we wear a gemstone, the person gets the benefits of the planet. 

Gem therapy

Another important scientific fact is gem therapy that is based on color therapy. You might have also noticed that distinct colors of gemstones have a distinct influence on the system with different operating power. 

  • The blue color is the symbol of spirituality. It manages the activity of the brain with healing powers. Your body will be resistant to evil effects, poison, and pain. 
  • The green color provides freshness and swiftness. It offers peace, happiness, and life. 
  • Orange color is helpful in loneliness, boredom, and depression.
  • Indigo color refers to honesty, unity, and gentleness. It calms the lymphatic system, nerves and is also useful in improving various disorders. You can get benefits in various disorders such as migraine, stomach, and cataract with soothing effects on eyes and ears.
  • Violet color meant swiftness, attraction, affection, and encouragement. It is a natural source of Vitamin D. 
  • The yellow color depicts aspiration and insight. You will get support in anxiety, stress, and tiredness. Also, it helps to get relief in kidney, liver, and skin issues. 
  • The red color is meant for fearlessness and courage. It reduces iron deficiency and offers Vitamin B 12. 
  • White color is a mixture of many colors. It shows soft nature and peace. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and stress then you must go with white color. 

Hence, gemstones have various benefits and help people to manage their diseases and problems too without any side effects. So, you might have noticed that gemstones are quite useful and have the science behind their effectiveness. 

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Connection behind astrology and gemstones

There are many interesting astrological facts behind gemstones. I am discussing important gemstones.

  • Ruby– It is a gemstone for Sun and depicts love. Astrologer recommends ruby to save the person from evil spirits. The color gets faded when certain unfavorable things annoy the wearer. The color is gained after a bad phase. 
  • Pearl– It is the precious stone for the moon. Planet Moon generally rules mind and emotion in the human body. Pearl symbolizes emotional clarity and purity. You can wear pearl for receiving liberal energy from people that can help you. It is also recommended for controlling temperament. 
  • Gomedh– The people from the entertainment industry can wear Gomedh. Also, if you are from printing, transport, theater, grocery, club, shops, and trading then opt for this gemstone. 
  • Blue Sapphire or Neelam– This gemstone is quite a powerful one in astrology and comes in different shapes and cuts. It is known to remove Saturn’s evil effects. Although, it can react adversely. You must test it for a minimum of a week before going for the final one. Neelam can give everything that you desire such as wealth, health, happiness, and long life. It also restores lost residence and wealth.  
  • Yellow Sapphire– It must be worn in right-hand index finger and represents Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire provides massive health, wealth, name, fame, and success to the wearer. It is known to enhance your financial status and empower you. You can also solve all your marital issues with this gemstone. Also, if you want a girl then that girl will become yours. If you are a girl and wear this gemstone then you will get married early. 
  • Emeralds– This gemstone belongs to the planet “Mercury” or “Budhh” which makes it directly related to mental wellness and gives health benefits.

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Hence, the above-mentioned facts discuss the astrology and science behind gemstones. Gemstones work and pose health and other benefits to human beings.

So, what are you waiting for? Just consult an astrologer and opt for your gemstone or connect with our team to know more about gemstones.

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