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Ruby Gemstone Price in India – 100% Natural Manik Stone for Astrology at Best Price

Ruby Stone Price

People love mystical gemstones and admire their significance in life. One such notable and auspicious gemstone is Ruby. This divine gemstone belongs to the Corundum family, featuring vibrant pinkish or red-colored shades that look incredibly beautiful. It is also known as Manik Ratna and is regarded as the ‘King of Gemstones’ for its mystic powers. In this article, our team of experts have provided detailed information about ruby gemstone price in India and how to choose the most affordable ruby suited for astrological purposes.

The Ruby gemstone represents the Sun, the creator, and is said to have many benefits, including,

  • Ruby reflects the powerful spirit of the Sun in our life
  • Manik has incredible supernatural qualities and natural elegance that intensifies your character
  • Manik nurtures your life with positivity, and good health and protects individuals from negative energies
  • Ruby induces the spirit of love, compassion, leadership, enthusiasm, and prosperity while promoting physical and spiritual well-being

Well, it doesn’t need an introduction as we all are familiar with Ruby’s astrological benefits and powerful impact on our wearer’s life. You may also have seen your favorite celebrities wearing Ruby for good luck.

Throughout history, the Manik Ratna has been considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. However, the biggest concern for the user is related availability and price of Ruby gemstones.

The market is sprouted with countless options for Ruby, and selecting the perfect one within budget is an arduous task. Notably, the marketplace is also home to natural, artificial and fake rubies. Therefore, it becomes essential to know about Ruby stone price and its natural qualities.

Don’t worry, we are committed to providing perfect solutions to your pricing concerns.

Rajendra Gems is a leading importer and manufacturer of natural gemstones, including Ruby, offering the best Ruby gemstone price in India. We promise to keep you mindful with 100% genuine and fair information. You can trust our information, expertise, and more than 25 years of valuable experience in this gemstone industry, as Rajendra Gems is one of the largest stockist of gemstones, dealing in retail and wholesale markets.

How Much Manik Ratna Costs in India per Carat: Ruby Gemstone Price in India

The Ruby stone price per carat in India depends on various components such as location, quality, color, and type of Ruby gemstones. As the demand for natural Ruby ascends day by day, you can witness substantial variation in Ruby costs in India.

In general, the original Manik stone price in Delhi, India, starts from Rs. 300 per carat and goes beyond Rs. 50,000 per carat. Also, there is no such upper limit for the price of this magnificent stone. If we talk about astrological purposes, the recommended, original Ruby stone price lies in the range of Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 20,000 per carat.

Buy Original Manik Stone at Best Price in Delhi

Getting a perfect Ruby that meets the requirement and is well within budget is a challenging task, especially in Delhi, the capital of India. The place can be considered a Disneyland for treasured gemstones, and you will get a lot of options to choose from the original Ruby stone at the best price.

At the same time, Delhi is a central market of gemstones offering world-class Rubies at affordable rates to the rest of India, and the world. In Delhi, you can get the lowest Ruby price per carat in India.

Ruby Price Per Carats in India

Price Based on Treatments

The price of Ruby is mainly determined by the treatments on it, and these has been classified into three popular categories:

  • No Treatment: 100% Natural & Original Ruby: Also known as unheated and untreated ruby. Such Rubies are mined from the earth’s crust and crystallized under intense temperature for millions of years.
  • Heat Treatment: Heated Ruby: This Ruby is also mined from the earth and later transformed into a shining Ruby using a heating process. The heated Rubies are more transparent, with no or fewer inclusions.
  • Treated Ruby: Fractured Filling Ruby: While performing heating treatment or mining, some parts of Ruby get fractured or have some cavity. So, to make the Manik Ratna beautiful and realistic, an additional filling is done through manual treatments. The process is called a fractured filling.
Classification of RubyRUBY PRICE PER CARATS
Natural & Original RubyRs. 6,000 per carat to Rs. 20,000 per carat
Heated RubyRs. 5,000 per carat to Rs. 15,000 per carat
Fractured FillingRs. 500 per carat to Rs. 5,000 per carat
Ruby Gemstone Price in India
Infographic - Ruby gemstone price in India
Infographic – Ruby gemstone price in India

100% Natural & Original Ruby Price Range: Unheated & Untreated Ruby

Natural Ruby is one of the precious gemstones and has a tremendous demand in the market. It is directly mined from the heart of the earth, symbolizing purity and untouched dispositions. Such Ruby is pristine and easy to identify as it constitutes natural inclusions formed through millions of years in the earth’s temperature. Such inclusions sometimes enhance the beauty of the Manik Ratna.

Generally, untreated and unheated Ruby gemstone just needs cutting, polishing, and refining before the user can wear it. Here is the original Manik stone price in Delhi, India:

Natural Ruby MinesPrice Range
Indian Natural RubyRs. 500 per carat to Rs. 2,00,000 per carat
African Natural RubyRs. 800 per carat to Rs. 5,000 per carat
Mozambique Natural RubyRs. 5,000 per carat to Rs. 50,000 per carat
Afghanistan Natural RubyRs. 5,000 per carat to Rs. 50,000 per carat
Burmese Natural RubyRs. 15,000 per carat to Rs. 10,00,000 per carat (no upper limit)
Unheated and Untreated, Natural Ruby Price in Delhi, India

Natural Ruby is pure and formed naturally, and more than 80% of people buy it to get the maximum astrological benefits of wearing Ruby. Such Manik stones are expensive and are believed to reflect their original qualities.

Indian Origin Mines

As the name suggests, the Indian landscape is also a prominent source of beautiful Ruby gemstones. The first-rate Manik stones are found in the western ghats of India, primarily in Karnataka. The features of Indian Rubies are distinct compared to others, and they are darker with limited translucent, while most of these gemstones are opaque. Further, the Ruby stones prices of Indian origin are low compared to famous Burmese and African Rubies.

African Origin Mines

The African landscape is home to the world’s most precious minerals and natural jewels. Interestingly, it is also a reservoir of a rare and treasured gemstone, Ruby. There are various Ruby mines, primarily in Eastern Africa. Some of the biggest contributing nations are Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, and Madagascar. African origin Rubies have unique characteristics, somehow different from Asian origin. They are deep red, rich in iron, and offer an exotic impression.

Mozambique Origin Mines

In 2009, people discovered the world’s biggest Ruby mine in Montepuez, a beautiful city northeast of Mozambique. The mine is estimated to be a repository of over 40% of the earth’s Ruby reserves. Mozambique origin Rubies are magnificent, displaying a dark red shade with limited fluorescence. Mozambique Ruby price fetches incredible value in the market.

Afghanistan Origin Mines

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, produces world-class Rubies and has a great demand in the open market. Afghanistan’s Ruby and spinel mines are magical treasures and have a long and affluent history of producing the finest Rubies. The Jegdalek mine in the heart of the Hindu Kush mountains has a history of 500 years of extracting red-blood Rubies and other gemstones. Most of the Rubies range from purplish-red to natural red with translucent shine.

Burmese Origin Mines

The land of Myanmar (earlier Burma), the world’s Ruby capital, is renowned for offering the world’s most valuable colored gemstone, i.e., Ruby. Some stones age around 40 million years. The Burmese mines are famous for their shimmering red color Rubies, popularly known as Pigeon Blood. These are the most sought-after jewels in the Ruby market. They come with a great blend of the deep-red body and bluish tone, providing high-intensity color and transparency. The Burma Ruby price per carat is the highest among other Rubies.

Heat Treated Ruby Price: Get Affordable Manik Ratnas

The heating process in the world of gemstones is a way to enhance the beauty of the Ruby at high temperatures. The heating process improves the clarity, reduces inclusions, and removes iron spots. Rubies are processed in the lab to make them bright and beautiful. However, one primary disadvantage of this process is that it disturbs the original essence of Ruby. Let’s know some popular heated Rubies:

Heated Rubies are pretty affordable than the unheated & untreated ones. They are in demand for jewelry and are also suggested by astrologers for astrological benefits.

Mozambique Heat Treated (MFC)

Mozambique is one of the high-yielding sources of Rubies globally, and its mines hold the most extensive Ruby reserves to date. The demand for Mozambique heat-treated Rubies is growing continuously in the market due to their incredible quality. Such Ruby stone price in India per carat starts from Rs. 5,000 and goes up to Rs. 20,000.

Burmese Heat Treated

Burmese heat-treated Rubies are among the most desirable gemstones across the globe. They are famous for their vibrant red shade and immersive beauty. These stones are millions of years old, making them the most coveted. The heated Burmese Ruby gemstone price per carat is between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 40,000. The Burma land has a rich history of producing the finest Manik Ratnas.

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