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Buy Emeralds Online in India at Best Prices- A Complete Guide

Best place to buy emerald in India

Being the highly coveted and admired gemstones for centuries, Emeralds are the traditional gemstones that are green in color. Being an icon of prestige and class, emeralds are precious, rare, and unparalleled in beauty.

Here are the five main factors that must be taken care of while buying your superior quality emerald stone online:

  • Color
  • Durability
  • Treatment
  • Value
  • Clarity


Gemstones like sapphire are found in variants of colors, whereas, in case of Emeralds, they are found in green only. There is a slight variation in the spectrum of green, ranging from yellowish to bluish green that is available. But, one must never forget, ‘If it’s not green, it’s not emerald’! The best emeralds are pure green or a slightly bluish green in color and they must neither be very dark in color nor very light, i.e., must even saturation be there.


Emeralds are made up of Morganite, Aquamarine and bixbite which makes them highly resistant to scratches and damage. Their durability is rated between 7.5 to 8 Mohs on the scale of 10. But, because of the purpose that they serve they have such inclusions in them that make emeralds a little less durable. They kind of break easily because of this brittleness, and so they need to be taken care of and maintained wisely.


Treating an emerald is crucial because of the inclusions that it needs to have to be able to fulfill its purpose. Most of the emeralds that have fractures are filled with oils and other fillers to enhance its clarity. But such stones may require re-oiling after over a period of usage to maintain the same shine and clarity. So, if the emerald is untreated, the fractures will be visible, therefore it is wise to purchase treated emeralds, which may be costly, but are long lasting.


The high-quality glittery emeralds are costly, so much so that their cost only increases per carat. Only transparent and clean emeralds are the costliest ones.


One must be very careful with the clarity of the emerald stone that they are purchasing. Eye-clean emeralds are rare and are made with heavy inclusions; so much that it makes the stone extremely fragile.

Although inclusions will not bring down the value of an emerald, in fact, the thread like inclusions underneath the crystal surface make the stone look even more attractive.

The emerald symbolizes Fertility, health, patience, calmness and balance in life and it can be alife changing decision to buy the most suitable emerald for yourself. So be wise and take care of the aforementioned tips that will help you find the most sought after gemstone as per your need!