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8 Celebrities Wearing Blue Sapphire ( Neelam Gemstone)

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You may have noticed that many celebrities wearing blue sapphire in a ring or a pendant. Gemstones have been attracting humans since ancient times.

These stones are known to own some miraculous and mysterious powers that bring prosperity, offer strength and protect a person from negative omen.

Different gemstones ought to be endowed with several attributes. Out of all the stones, Blue sapphire is loved by all. It is because this beautiful gem is considered to bring luck to the person who owns it. Check out the wide range of Blue Sapphire Online.

List of celebrities wearing Blue Sapphire

Wearing a blue sapphire is quite popular among Bollywood celebrities and others as well for some reason.

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • Sonu Nigam
  • AR Rahman
  • Abhishek Bachchan
  • Kate Middleton
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Lakshmi Mittal

Amitabh Bachchan

One of the top performers of Bollywood, Big B himself, is known to wear a Blue Sapphire or Neelam for attracting good fortune and luck. Life treats everyone equally. Everyone has to face their share of struggles to achieve success in life.

Amitabh Bachchan, the megastar of B-town is no different. The success he has today came after some life-threatening struggles. The stone is said to turn his life for good. According to astrologers, the stone brings success in the life of the wearer. It keeps the person safe from all sorts of negativity.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the woman with mesmerizing eyes, is believed to be the wearer of Neelam. She started her journey of success as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She has over the years established herself in so many fields including, philanthropy, acting and more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her success reached heights by a Blue Sapphire that she wears on her finger.

Sonu Nigam

Who doesn’t know Sonu Nigam? His soulful voice has the power to awaken one’s soul. When a person works in a pretty competitive industry, it is hard to make your mark.

That is what happened with the singer. It is only after wearing the Blue Sapphire ring, he got blessed with fortune and luck.

AR Rahman

The pride of our nation and a truly remarkable artist, A R Rahman, is a believer of optimism and karma. He believes that good things only come to a person when he is in a good place, both mentally and emotionally.

The man owns a magical voice that hits the right chord of an individual. A blue sapphire stone that he carries is known to have accompanied him through his journey from being an ordinary singer to an international sensation.  

Abhishek Bachchan

Who says life treats you differently when you are born with a silver spoon. What happens is the opposite. Being a star kid comes with its own set of challenges. Abhishek Bacchan had his fair share of challenges and obstacles when he decided to enter Bollywood.

It was difficult for him to mark his presence in the cut-throat competitive field. It is only after wearing Blue sapphire rings, things and events started to fall in place on their own.

Other than being an actor, the man is also a successful businessman. Was it the Blue Sapphire that brought him all this luck and prosperity? Quite possible. 

Kate Middleton

Even royalty couldn’t deny the positive impact Blue Sapphire has on a person’s life. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring has blue sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds.

The piece of art was also worn by Princess Diana and costs around half a million dollars. However, putting a price on the ring wouldn’t seem fair in front of the sentimental value attached to it.

The fact that Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother’s ring is beautiful. 

Elizabeth Hurley

A successful actress, model, and fashion designer, Elizabeth Hurley, is a proud wearer of a sapphire ring. It was presented to her by Shane Warne when he proposed to her for marriage.

The ring boasts of 9-carat sapphire with 2 –carat trillion-cut diamonds on each side. The ring is worth about a million dollars.

You must note that a Blue Sapphire stone in Britain is a symbol of royalty.

Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal, popularly known as the Steel Magnate of India, is one of the wealthiest individuals in the country. With a net worth of around 12 billion dollars, he is settled in the UK with his family. The man is known to wear a Blue Sapphire ring.

Mittal is a well-respected businessman in the world. His hard work and the protection of Blue sapphire from all the bad luck have made him what he is today. 

These are only a few examples of celebrities who wear Blue Sapphire on daily basis. There are many other personalities too who believe in the power of the gemstone. If after reading you wish to wear one yourself, buy from the best.

There are many other Bollywood celebrities who are are known for wearing an emerald ring, yellow sapphire, red coral, pearl, and other gemstones. The list includes Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Ekta Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, and numerous others.

Ceylonese Blue Sapphire is considered the best kind. It is worn wither with silver, white gold, or platinum. Except for a few certain conditions, Blue Sapphire is also worn in Yellow Gold.

Called “Neelam” in Hindi, Blue sapphire is one of the most precious stones and is associated with Saturn. The stone posses some of the extra-ordinary powers like

  • It brings wealth and prosperity. Also recovers the loss incurred anytime in past.
  • It protects the person from evil spirits and ill company around.
  • The stone immensely benefits social, professional, and marital life.
  • Neelam gemstone is the cure for health problems like bronchitis, paralyzes, gout, insanity, and more. 
  • It cures scorpion bites as well. Leave the stone in water for some time, and it will heal the bite.

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Always buy from a genuine dealer. There are plenty of people in the market who promise to provide you with genuine stone but offer otherwise. Above all, if you want to wear one, consult an astrologer once.

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