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Gemstones are a vital part of human being since ancient times. Not only as jewelry but natural gemstones have other vivacious benefits regarding health, mental stress, carrier, growth, etc. And to suffice all your need we are here to supply and help you out with the most authentic and finest quality of government certified gemstones in Delhi at the best price.

Rajendra Gems initially started with the offline venture from 1997. Our shop with collection of thousands of gems is located at Maliwara, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi and started with the best quality gems stone with a wide variety. And from 1997 to till date we provide one of the finest and authentic pure gemstones to our customers with quality assurance. We are on a mission, to be the best online gemstone store in India, to provide a wide range government certified gemstones at the most affordable prices.

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    With more than 25 years of experience, our team has experienced and expertise about every minute detail about the gemstone industry. We bring you the information from the most trusted source i.e. own experience of our team members including gemologists & astrologers.
    Trusted Shop in Delhi For Buying Govt. Certified Gemstones

    The first question arises when you hear gemstone is; what a natural gemstone is? Just like other precious metals, gemstones are also important of every human being. Our country has an abundant collection of gemstones. Natural gemstones or Ratna are an organic substance which has substantial beauty concerning different energies.

    There are a variety of gemstones available and have their own different property. Each gemstone has a unique chemical composition that affects the way they absorb and reflect light. They are the form of minerals which give astrological benefits with respect to scientific proofs. With respect to what they are the other important things are the benefits involved and from where to buy?

    In India, Gemstones are considered as the source of new hope and energy to solve difficulties. And which stone will favor is decided by the horoscope and sometimes zodiacs by the astrologer. This energy can prove constructive as well as destructive for humans. So it is always advised to consult your astrologer before wearing any of the Rashi Ratna.

    This Ratna gives power to your weak planet and helps an individual in succeeding in his respective path. It helps you achieve in each and every aspect of life success, prosperity, good married life, health benefits, etc. With respect to what to wear, another important thing is from where to buy a gemstone in Delhi.

    Delhi because of being the capital of India, there is rarely anything which you miss out. And just like that, it is a huge hub for gemstones and jewelry. You will find numerous amount of people dealing in this business, but it is not necessary that they are serving the authentic stones. So before buying a gemstone in Delhi, there is a certain thing which should not be avoided.

    At first look, you might not be able to tell the difference between a real and fake gemstone. But there are certain parameters on which you should know. From the naked eyes, it is not possible, so the certification related to the stones pay the major role. Also always go for that place which is established in this business from more than 25 years.

    While buying Gemstones in Delhi, Rajendra Gems is one of the most authentic places which offers both offline and online services. Rajendra Gems is serving from more than 25+ years and is providing best gemstone with proper certification to add value to your precious stone. Certifications are provided from best and authentic labs of India.

    A gemstone is one of the big investments which should be done correctly as it cost you physically and mentally both. So it is a bit confusing about what to choose, offline or online. Although both of the modes have their own benefits. Online buying of Gemstone in Delhi is also a good option, but make sure that the store has an offline presence also. You can buy from Rajendra gems online and if in any doubt you can visit their offline platform also.

    Physical stores are a bit easy going, as the feel of viewing the product is real. Rajendra Gems online offers a wide variety of all-natural gemstone with authentic certification. The prices offered are affordable and are valued on a real-time basis.

    The other thing is the key factor of the authentication of all the natural gemstones or Rashi- Ratna is the certification of natural Gemstones. Just like the many online and offline stores, there are many private certification labs, which sometimes provide fake certification. So you must know what the authentic gemstone labs are.

    GJPEC, GIA, IGI, GUBELIN, IGI-GTL, GRS are some of the best gemstone certification Labs, which are associated with Rajendra Gems. It is very important that the certification should be from a prestigious lab. Because, some the private labs are not well and advanced equipped and hence, they are not capable of identifying the authenticity of gemstones.

    Rajendra gems display the quality, treatment, original weight of the natural gemstone in the certification which makes it real and authentic. With a huge variety of all types of Rashi Ratna or gemstones, we have transparent pricing which adds value to your buying. We have a team of the best gemologist who ensure the quality of all the gemstones.

    Another important check is the profiling of the place from where you are buying your gemstone. As it is said old is gold just like that the older the better. Always go for that place which is dealing in this field from more than 2o Years. Rajendra Gems is dealing from more than 25+ years. They provide the best gemstones from worldwide and gives the most authentic and real gemstone In Delhi.

    With respect to, from where to purchase, another important thing is what not to do. Never and ever wear Rashi Ratna before consulting your astrologer as it may affect in a negative way. Always wear the Rashi Ratna or gemstone on the specific time related to that stone, as it will give more benefit if worn in the right way. Before wearing do check if there is any wear or tear on your stone, and if there is then don’t wear it.  These are some basic things which should keep in mind while wearing your precious gemstone.

    Rajendras Gems : Setting Standards of Quality at Best Prices

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    Maliwara, Chandni Chowk - A Hub of Famous Gemstone Shops in Delhi
    Chandni Chowk, Delhi

    Everything that glitters is not gold but definitely a gemstone if you are at Maliwara, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Although Chandni Chowk has always been famous for the food, few people know that it is one of the biggest center’s for import and export of precious gemstones in the world. Situated in the heart of Delhi, Maliwara stone market has been a hub of gemstones for numerous years. More than 80% of the country’s gemstones are brought here and then supplied to various places in the country for finishing. 

    With Gold, Silver, Diamond and platinum not affordable to everyone, gemstones have become the first choice of people. There are several stores in the Maliwara market where you can find the stone jewellery of your choice. The suppliers have products matching the flamboyant persona of the younger generation and also the class of the older generation. Although every store at Maliwara is known for a great service, Rajendra Gems World is one that needs special recommendation. We have experienced their hospitality and based on that, we have come up with reasons that should tempt you to go there. Let’s have a look:

    Old is Gold

    This saying will always make sense and more so when it comes to jewellery products such as Gold, Diamond and gemstones. The older they are, the better quality and less adulteration you can expect. Established in 1997, Rajendra Gems World has been serving customers for more than two decades. They have developed a great bond with their consumers and have earned their place in this market. Even for antiques, they are one of the first choices of people.

    Nothing Can Beat Originality

    More often than not, in the glitter of the stones you get deceived and buy counterfeit ones. It’s difficult for a common person to understand the subtle differences between an original stone and a fake one. This is where certifications help you. If a product is certified you can be sure that it is authentic. At Rajendra Gems World, you will find certified stones which are proof of their authenticity. Even if you find a product uncertified, they will get it done within 2-7 working days. So, if you buy something from them, you can be assured that it is original.

    Affordability Matters

    No matter how good a product is or how much you like it, if it doesn’t fit your budget, then it’s of no use. At Rajendra Gems World, you are unlikely to face the issue of affordability. They provide wholesale prices at retail purchases too. Buying stones directly from them cuts middle-man costs and makes your jewellery much more affordable. So, when you buy from here, you don’t have to look at your wallet rather than the product.

    Customer Satisfaction is the Top Priority

    When you buy something from Rajendra Gems World, it’s not a one-time transaction, you get bonded for life. They offer pre and post sale service. Here, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Until unless the consumer is satisfied, they don’t give up on them. With thousands of varieties available to choose from and the assurance of top-quality products makes them one of the best in the market.

    With hundreds of stores in the Maliwara gemstone market in Delhi, it can be confusing to choose the best store for your needs. So, hopefully the aforementioned qualities would help you. However, shopping for jewellery can’t be done based on a write-up, you have to experience it. So, let them serve you for once, you will not be disappointed and if you are, then you have the Maliwara gemstone market at your feet. So, why not give it a try?
    Taz Merchant
    Taz Merchant
    4. January, 2024.
    I'm from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦. I just received my order yesterday for 5 rings from Rajendra Gems World. The stones are 100% authentic, non heated, exactly the ones I picked & the ring's craftsmanship is fabulous! The delivery was prompt! Ashish helped me throughout the purchase, right from recommending the right stones, designing the rings, handling the payments to the final delivery. He has provided me with THE BEST service. He was on video calls showing stones, the work in progress after the payment was made while the rings were being designed, etc. All this was done after hours due to the time difference. He was very prompt with his responses, always available for any of my questions or concerns! I would recommend Ashish to anyone who wants to buy gemstones from India. Overall he delivered what he promised! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ASHISH for helping me throughout the process & his unparallel service! If you are planning to buy reach out to Ashish Agrawal.
    Sumit Mongia
    Sumit Mongia
    21. October, 2023.
    My experience of buying gemstone from this shop was good. Owner of this shop very kind nature. Best place to buy gemstones.
    8. July, 2023.
    I had recently visited Rajendras Gems World and I want to thank Mr Surendra ji and his brother who were extremely helpful and patient with me. They answered all my questions and helped clarify all my doubts They have been doing this business for last 25 years and it is very evident when you speak to them as they have indepth knowledge of what they selling. If Quality is what you want, visit for Rajendras Gem world without giving a second thought. I would highly recommend them.
    Lutfur Rahman Rana
    Lutfur Rahman Rana
    14. May, 2023.
    I'm from South Africa. I'm really impressed with their honestly. Highly recommended.
    Asaf Sultan
    Asaf Sultan
    14. April, 2023.
    Thik hab
    Krishna Gopal Rampal
    Krishna Gopal Rampal
    26. January, 2023.
    Purchased a pair of emeralds for earrings and an emerald for pendant. Love the gems I got. Very nice and very professional transaction. 🙏🙏🙏
    Deepak Bhandari
    Deepak Bhandari
    23. December, 2022.
    Hare Krishna 🕉️.very much Satisfied with your Product,price And service . Highly Recommended..🤞 Highly appreciate 🙏 Big Thank you Team. Opal ring, Citrine ring and pearl Ring 💍...its just Amazing... satisfied with bracelet Quality as well. Thank you Team and Mr ASHISH 💞 Just Today i Received my Jewellery in Dubai.will purchase again and Again.. If anyone Looking for Genuine Gemstone with Best price n Service,I Highly Recommended to Visit RAJENDRA GEMS ONCE... GOD BLESS YOU.MAY THE SUPREME Divine Universe Bless you with everything you Deserve..Hare Krishna..Jay Shree Ganesh 🐘🕉️ Appreciate 🙏🙏
    Original & genuine gems in India

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    Government Certified Gemstones

    Every time you do gemstone shopping, you need to ask yourself – are the gemstones really genuine and certified? Here we would like to direct your attention to fake gemstones as the exterior makeup is no guarantee of authenticity. It may very well be the case that what you look at is an artificial piece, but its glittery appearance makes you fall for it.

    The current market of gemstones seller is flooded with artificial products and synthetics. This is indeed an alarming development that is aimed at deceiving customers. Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on improving the visual aspect of the gemstones which leads to a higher market price.

    Why we are a regarded as the ‘Trusted Gemstone Dealer & Seller’?

    We strive to avoid fraudulent measures aimed at duping customers. Our team takes great effort to ensure authenticity even for a loose gemstone so that our customers get only the top-notch quality government certified gemstones. Hence, we suggest you to buy certified gemstones online in India from your reliable Rajendra Gems says co-founder and Director Ashish Agrawal.

    We present you gemstones with a seal of trust. All of our gemstones are certified and come with an authenticity mark from the renowned and trusted laboratories in India. We recommend and provide certificates from govt. labs including GJEPC & IGI-GTL. This makes us the best among hundreds of gems dealers in New Delhi.

    Unique Supply System for Loose Gemstones

    A very significant aspect which differentiates us from the rest is our mine to market supply system. In a nutshell, we purchase gemstones directly from mines, process it and sell to the end customer. This eliminates the risk associated with middlemen, who are usually involved with other non certified gemstones India.

    There is another advantage associated with avoiding the middlemen. You would be able to buy certified gemstones with us at the lowest possible price as the cost of middlemen will not be transferred to the final price of our products. Our unique supply system is another reason why we are highly rated in the country.

    For some gemstones, we buy ‘Wholesale lots’ from National & International markets and sort and use only the ones in the best shape and trait. This ensures our consumers get only the best gemstones at affordable prices.

    High-Quality Lab Testing to Handpick Natural Birthstones

    The gemstones at Rajendra Gems are subjected to intense lab testing. They go through stringent quality check processes to ensure that gems with any impurities or undesirable substances are removed. We have a highly experienced team of experts which sorts gemstones on the basis of cracks or scratches from a heap of such stones.

    Our associated labs make sure that any artificial or fake product is detected and removed in a timely manner. Genuineness is the key to our products which is ensured through the lab testing procedure. The lab certified gemstones are one of our strong points. We have tie-ups with leading gemstone labs in Delhi where every piece is evaluated for authenticity before the gemstone is finally out for purchase.

    Why Our Website is the Best Place to Buy Gemstones Online in India?

    If you are looking to buy certified gemstones online, our website is indeed one of the best places out there. Here you will come across the best govt certified gemstones in Delhi. The gemstones on our website are suitably arranged to provide you with easy access.

    The pools of gemstones are listed in precise categories. The various categories are ruby, blue sapphire, emeralds, yellow sapphire, red coral, hessonite, opal, and cat’s eye. Simply click on the relevant category to access it.

    Furthermore, the filtering option helps you to select specific gemstone as per your need. You can easily filter the products by weight in carats, weight in ratti, shape, origin, price, certification, and colour.

    Our user-friendly website is designed with a easy-to-use approach. Use of complex words and complicated terminologies has been intentionally avoided to keep things simple for our customers. It lets you search whatever you want in a fast, convenient and hassle-free manner.