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Lehsunia Stone Benefits for Astrological Purposes – Cats Eye Gemstone Benefits

Lehsuniya stone benefits for astrological uses

The charm and astrological benefits of Lehsunia or a Cat’s eye gemstone make it among the most desirable and popular gemstones recommended by astrologers. It is believed that this gemstone enhances the positive energies into the life of the wearer. Cat’s eye gemstone also is believed to bless the wearer with good health, enthusiasm, and success. 

This magical stone helps in resisting the ill-effects of unfriendly planets and helps people when they face troubles and challenges in their lives.

Cats eye is mostly recommended by astrologers to reduce the ill-effects of Rahu & Ketu. These ill-effects can include, lack of clarity and imaginative skills, poor health, financial losses, family discord, stress, etc. In some cases, people who have Ketu’s influence in their Kundali tend to feel a lack of belief in religious activities. These negative effects can be reversed by wearing the appropriate Lehsuniya. 

Powerful astrological benefits of a Lehsuniya or Cat’s Eye gemstone

Below are the most common Lehsunia stone benefits

  • Acts as an antidote to physical sickness
  • Gives a financial stability
  • Keep away the negative energies
  • Enhances creative thinking abilities
  • Acts as a stress buster

An antidote to physical sickness

Astrology highly praises the power of cat’s eye gemstone for treating several medical conditions. Patients suffering from diseases like cancer, anorexia, intestinal troubles, hormonal issues, arthritis, etc. are believed to experience health benefits from cat’s eye gemstones. Depending on the person’s horoscope, astrologers provide the suitable size of this remarkable stone. 

Financial stability

When Ketu in your astral sky is blessed by cat eye stone, it helps in winning instant money in trades. This is because the stone harbors luck and fortune, leaving you to improve financial stability. 

Keep away the negative energies

If you wish to stay away from evil spirits, negativity, black magic, and major Doshas, Cat’s eye gemstone can also aid in that. The negative forces within the body are also dispelled and you can nourish your mind with positive thinking. 

Enhances creative thinking abilities

Those who are in creative fields should wear this Lehsunia stone for better career opportunities. Since it is proven to enhance the imaginative abilities of an individual, astrologers recommend this gemstone to people. It also adds feathers to their intelligence.

Stress buster

If stress is getting the better of you, buy a cat’s eye stone and start wearing it as per the suggestion of an astrologer. With this gemstone in your ring or pendant, you can be healed from mental ailments and restore your mental peace. 

Which is the Best Cat’s Eye Gemstone with most Astrological Benefits:- 

Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya gemstone comes in a wide range of options to choose from. Among different types of Cat’s eyes, Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone possesses the most significant astrological benefits, due to its excellent chemical composition and special properties of chatoyance. In Hindi, it is also known as ‘Paka Hua Cat’s Eye’.

When one adorns a cat’s eye gemstone, he enjoys remarkable benefits and changes in life. Thus, it is crucial to choose the best one from the varieties available.

Which Cat’s Eye Gemstone our Expert Gemologist Recommend?

If your astrologer has suggested you wear a ‘Cat’s Eye’ based on your Kundali, we recommend you to choose a ‘Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye of Indian or Ceylon (Srilanka) origin, says, Ashish Agrawal, co-founder of Rajendra’s Gems.

“Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye price starts at Rs. 2500 per Ratti and can go up to Rs. 50,000 per Ratti. The best-seller and recommended Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye comes in a range of average Rs. 10000/- per ratti”.

Best Cat’s Eye Based on Origin

Discussing the worth and effect of Cats eye gemstone, it’s originating place is also considered. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye are sourced from three main locations, including,

  • Kanak Khet (in India) Cats Eye – It is the finest known cat’s eye. But due to their rare availability and significant properties, these are also among the most expensive gemstones, and thus are not so popular pieces.
  • Ceylon (Srilanka) and Orrisa (in India) – These two types (origin) of Cat’s eye are widely recommended gemstones due to their excellent properties and astrological benefits. They are commonly available and affordable, which makes them one of the most popular gemstones.

Best Lehsuniya Gemstone Based on the Color

If your astrologer has recommended choosing from a colored cat’s eye, then you can choose from the options available including

  • Apatite Cat’s Eye: Greyish Brown or Honey Colour
  • Serpentine Cats Eye: Green
  • Prehnite Cats Eye: Greyish Yellow Green Colour
  • Sillimanite Cats Eye: Grey Brown
  • Scapolite Cats Eye: Honey Yellow

Best Cat’s Eye for a Low-Budget

Quartz cat’s eye is considered as Upratna, which is good for beginners, or users with lower and most affordable budgets. Quartz cats eye stone can be bought at Rs. 300-400 per Ratti.

Though it has no direct comparison with Chrysoberyl Cats Eye, as Chrysoberyl is among the most effective, if you are tight on budgets and can try Upratna, Quartz cats Eye can be effective too for astrological purposes.

In a Summary – Choosing the Best Cats Eye for Astrological Benefits:

  • Best based on Origin: Chrysoberyl Cats Eye from Kanak Khet
  • Best based on Popularity and Availability: Chrysoberyl Cats Eye from Ceylon or Orrisa
  • Best for low budget: Quartz Cats Eye

As it is said, we do recommend taking an experienced and trusted astrologer’s advice to choose the best piece that suits your horoscope and you can get the most of the astrological benefits of Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya gemstone. 

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