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What are the Side Effects of Wearing Red Coral – Should you wear it?

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Are you considering wearing a red coral gemstone but are concerned about its potential side effects? In this article, we will explore the side effects of wearing red coral and help you make an informed decision. Additionally, for inspiration and to see how this gemstone has been embraced by some well-known figures, you can explore a list of celebrities wearing red coral here.

Red Coral gemstone is a beauty that is difficult to take eyes off. Known for its solid red color and multiple astrological benefits associated with coral, this gemstone is always in high demand from gemstone lovers and jewelry makers’ list.

Wearing Red coral, nevertheless, may have some negative repercussions that you should be aware of because it can occasionally be a very stimulating stone with unfavorable effects.

Hence, we advise you to go for sound astrological advice to be sure of any possible side effects of wearing Red Coral. So, what are these negative effects of Red Coral gemstones that you definitely know to make a wise choice? Let’s understand it all.

Side Effects of Wearing Red Coral: Know Your Gemstone Better

No matter how beautiful Red Coral gemstones are, they are not appropriate for everyone. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the potential adverse effects of wearing Red Coral stone.

Below is the list of 4 common side effects of red coral gemstone in astrology,

  • Increase in Irritation & Anger
  • Make you Feel Emotionally Vulnerable
  • Adverse Health Effects
  • Discord in Marital Life

Read on to know everything:

1. Increase in Irritation & Anger

If you are a person who gets angry, irritated easily, and stays frustrated in day-to-day life then if not recommended, Red Coral is not your stone. It is a gemstone with a compelling energy that people with anger issues may find overwhelming. Because of the crystal’s tremendous energy, you may become more irritable, aggravated, and quick-tempered, snapping at seemingly insignificant things.

2. Make you Feel Emotionally Vulnerable

Red Coral is an extremely potent stone that can carry very strong energy that can occasionally overwhelm its wearer, causing overbearing emotions to stir up your life. It is believed that if you have suppressed emotions, if not recommended, you should avoid Red Coral gemstones as they may lead to unwanted outbursts and difficult situations.

3. Adverse Health Effects

If you feel that after donning Red Coral, aka Moonga, your health is impacted, then the gemstone is not suiting you. Some of the noted health disadvantages are hormonal imbalance, blood-related ailments, such as blood cancers, lower red cell count, etc. If not suited, the stone may hamper your digestive process, and make you feel nauseated. You may get Diarrhea as well.

4. Discord in Marital Life

The Red Coral gemstone represents the mighty planet Mars, which has an impact on one’s marital status. It is a crystal clear sign that the Moonga stone is having adverse effects on you if troubles start to appear in your frolicsome marriage or if your partner starts to distance themselves from you after wearing an original Red Coral stone, then you need to make them quit embracing it right away.

Who Should Not Wear Red Coral Gemstone?

To avoid the side effects of wearing a Red Coral gemstone, it is crucial for you to know who can embrace this magnificent stone to garner its maximum benefits.

Anyone whose birth planet fiercely opposes Mars should not wear a Red Coral stone in any form. The stone has the potential to impact the wearer’s life in a negative way. Hence, wearing the original Moonga stone is not advised for those with the astrological signs of Taurus, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, or Virgo since Red Coral negatively affects the wearer’s course of life.

It is important to consult an experienced astrologer and gem dealer to buy authentic Red Coral gemstones. With variety and authenticity, Rajendra’s Gems World can be your stop search button.

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