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Effective Astrological Benefits of Gemstones: Emeralds, Ruby, Sapphires & More

Astrological benefits of gemstones

Gemstones have become one of the most popular cure regimens these days. Most people are well aware of the astrological connection of the healing stones, and the easy accessibility to qualified astrologers and psychics online has given us more exposure.

From celebrities and politicians to ordinary people of strong beliefs, the significance of a suitable gemstone is immeasurable, isn’t it?

While some people admire the beauty of valuable gems as a piece of jewelry, there are plenty of us who proclaim the astrological benefits of gemstones. For more than 25 years, Rajendras Gems World has been a trusted shop to buy gemstones in Delhi, India that are well-suited for astrological purposes.

In astrology, every gemstone is a sign of a planet. These gems are said to hold the energy to vitalize specific chakras in our bodies.

Once you know the advantages of wearing each gemstone, you can check the gemstone price in India effortlessly, by connecting with our team of expert gemologists.

First, let us have a brief look at the astrological connection between gemstones and the positive impact that they render!

Emerald (Panna): The Buddh Ratna

Emerald represents Mercury, a birthstone of people born in May. This green-colored stone is known for its exceptional healing properties and mesmerizing aesthetic value. Wearing an Emerald on the little finger is believed to offer:

Communication, Wit & Intellect

Panna Ratna is known to enhance communication skills, wittiness, and intellect and is considered best for people involved in creative ventures and public relations.

Financial Prosperity

Panna may boost the inflow of cash and brings monetary stability.

Fame & Success

Emerald is famous as a royal stone that is said to attract fame, fortune, and success.


This green stone stimulates creativity and innovative ideas, as per astrologers.

You can check the Emerald Gemstone price in Delhi to get a reasonable deal and reap all these astrological benefits of Panna.

Ruby (Manik): The Ratnaraj

Ruby represents the Sun, a July birthstone. It comes in a range of red hues with exceptional saturation and luster. Burma Ruby is the costliest variant of this gemstone. Astrologers recommend wearing Manik on the ring finger for:

Sweetening Paternal Relationship

Since the Sun is regarded as a father figure, Ruby is said to improve paternal relations.

Warding Off Evil Energy

Ruby may eliminate negative energies and the impact of an evil eye.

Rejuvenating Mental & Physical Health

People suffering from mental health and emotional issues should wear a Ruby after astrological advice. It may also improve physical health, especially stomach-related diseases.

Marital Bliss

Ruby is known to increase warmth, passion, harmony, and attraction within intimate partners.

Ruby price in India varies as per the gemstones’ specifications. Manik Ratna has some other astrological benefits as well.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam): The Sauri Ratna

Blue Sapphire is the Saturn stone, a September birthstone, and it is considered a lucky stone for Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs. People native to number eight are also said to benefit from wearing this astonishingly beautiful stone. It comes at a high gemstone price in India, and gemologists suggest Neelam for:

Good Luck & Wealth

Neelam may bring a noticeable rise in wealth and fortune and also attract good luck.

Fast Healing Effects

Blue Sapphire is termed a fast-acting gemstone that encounters the impact of the tiring phase of Saturn.

Aura of Protection

Neelam is believed to shield the wearer from negative energies and evil eyes. It promotes positivity and prosperity both personally and professionally.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): The Pushkaraj Ratna

Yellow Sapphire represents the heaviest planet, Jupiter. It is also a September birthstone and works best for Pisces and Saggitarius zodiacs. It is considered a beacon of prosperity, wealth, and sound health. The range of Pukhraj gemstone in Delhi makes it easier to acquire. Some of the primary astrological benefits of Pukhraj are:

Healthy Relationships

Pukhraj may restore warmth and harmony in relationships while offering the wearer a sense of sanity and contentment.

Mental Peace

The bright and soothing color of Yellow Sapphire is said to calm the mind and brings great mental peace.

Healing Properties

Pukhraj is believed to possess healing properties that encounter the impact of misplaced Jupiter in a birth chart.


Yellow Sapphire is known to attract health and wealth in abundance.

There is a wide range of Yellow Sapphire gems for sale in online and offline modes.

Hessonite (Gomed): The Rahu Ratna

Hessonite is a powerful gemstone that encounters the impact of the mighty planet Rahu. It is known as the ultimate shield for people suffering from the adverse effects of the shadow planet. Gomed comes in numerous shades, including honey-hued, light brown, dark orange, etc. A natural Gomed may provide significant astrological benefits due to the presence of enormous cosmic energy, such as:

Increasing Concentration & Confidence

Hessonite is famous for attracting clarity and precision and is said to It boost the wearer’s confidence and concentration power.

Influencing Five Fruits of Human Life

Gomed is believed to have a dominant influence on Dharma, Dhyan, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. It helps attain a long-lasting equilibrium among these five elements.

Spiritual Peace

Hessonite may enhance the spiritual energies and help the wearers feel peaceful and calm.

Opal (Dudhiya)

Opal represents Venus and serves as the October birthstone. It is considered a lucky charm for Libra zodiac signs. It comes in white, blue, pink, and green shades, and the natural Dudhiya stone displays a mix of all these bright hues. Astrologers recommend wearing an Opal in silver or gold on the ring finger for astrological benefits like:

Improving Personality

Opal is said to enhance the wearer’s overall personality by making them more kind, caring, and grounded, and it also boosts confidence.

Providing Serenity

Dudhiya is known to significantly impact one’s mind and attract serenity, free flow of thoughts, and understanding.

Enhancing Charm & Passion

Opal may stimulate passion and charm and refine the charisma of a person.

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia): The Vidur Stone

Cat’s Eye is famous for encountering the impact of Ketu, a spiritual planet that negatively affects the birth chart. The golden hue of this precious gemstone makes it a symbol of lucky charm in many cultures. The gemstone price in Delhi for Cat’s Eye differs according to its originality and size. Speaking of Lehsunia’s astrological benefits, this unique stone offers:

Physical Health Benefits

Ketu is known for its adverse effects on a person’s physical health. Cat’s Eye may subdue many of these, including body ache, leukemia, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Fostering Passion & Love

Single people wear Cat’s Eye to find love and passion in life, while married couples wear it to boost their intimate relationships.

Driving Ambition

The shadowing effect of Ketu is said to often increases the feeling of hopelessness and loss. Wearing a Cat’s Eye is believed to help overcome these feelings and drive ambition.

Red Coral (Moonga): The Praval Ratna

Mars is the ruling planet of Red Coral, a powerful gemstone in the Navratna. This beautiful red-colored stone is the center of influential cosmic energies and is known to govern materialistic possessions and several emotional attributes. Moonga is also considered to subside the impact of misplaced Mars in a person’s birth chart. Red Coral’s primary astrological benefits are:

Overcoming Obstacles

Wearing a Moonga may help them overcome any obstacle or problems stopping them from achieving something, and it symbolizes triumph in every mission.

Providing Earthly Possessions

The stone is said to attract earthly possessions like land and property and is also considered helpful for people fighting court cases for such ownerships.

Improving Physical Health

Red Coral is known to relieve hormonal issues and chronic diseases.

Aquamarine (Beruj): The Samudra Ratna

Beruj represents Neptune and serves as the birthstone of March. It is named Aquamarine after its appearance. Beruj comes in different shades of ocean blue at a reasonable gemstone price in India. Its exquisite beauty makes it a fine piece of jewelry too. It is known to vitalize the throat chakra and is popular astrological benefits are:

Cooling Properties

Beruj is famous as a cooling stone as it is believed to relieve throat-related issues and stress while fostering a calm mind.

Enhancing Oratorship

Aquamarine may boost the wearer’s confidence and oratorship qualities and also sharpen communication skills.

Strengthening Nervous System

This stone is said to provide mental strength and stability.

Pearl (Moti): The Chandra Ratna

Pearl embodies the planet Moon and is known as a June birthstone. It is considered highly beneficial for the ascendants of Cancer, Pisces, Saggitarius, and Leo. Astrologers prefer wearing it in silver on the little finger or forefinger for the following benefits:

Increasing Mental Stability

Pearl is considered helpful with all mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, indecisiveness, and stability.

Helping with Anger Issues

People who struggle with anger management and short temper may wear a Pearl ornament to become more calm and patient.

Curing Insomnia

This remarkable Moti is said to cure sleep issues and helps the wearer overcome chronic insomnia.

Amplifying Beauty

Being a gemstone of the Moon, Pearl is believed to intensify the facial features, beauty, and aura of women by bringing charm and increasing attractiveness.

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