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7 Famous Personalities and Celebrities wearing Ruby Gemstone (Manik Ratna)

7 Famous Personalities and Celebrities wearing Ruby Gemstone (Manik Ratna) 1

The fortune and glory of our favorite celebrities fascinate us all. You may have witnessed they are very fond of wearing mystical gemstones either for fashion purposes or have deep faith.

Irrespective of culture or ideology, the astrological gemstones or marbles are considered an auspicious sign that possesses some mystical power. One such valuable gemstone is Ruby, the king of precious stones. It is an Earth element that manifests the character of the almighty Sun.

Ruby is loved by many celebrities and has an integral place among their jewels. It is an emblem of love, strength, passion, growth, and various positive aspects that bring significant changes.

List of celebrities wearing ruby gemstone or manik ratna

Let’s see some of the famous personalities world over who love wearing Ruby Gemstone or Manik Ratna:

  1. Deepika Padukone
  2. Priyanka Chopra
  3. Dilip Joshi
  4. Scarlett Jhonson
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Penelope Cruz
  7. Bella Hadid

Deepika Padukone

It is said fashion is the reflection of your personality. One such celebrity who defines the success journey with fashion is Deepika Padukone. Well, I don’t think she needs an introduction, at least not in India. We all are familiar with the popularity of Deepika and how she has climbed the verticals of fortune in Bollywood.

Deepika loves to wear mystical Ruby stones on special occasions. Her jewels include a magnificent choker necklace featuring Ruby gemstone and pearl earrings that give a stunning diva’s look. Ruby gemstone is known for strength and fortune, which genuinely reflect Deepika Padukone’s professional journey.

Priyanka Chopra

Our very own ‘desi girl’, Priyank Chopra, has been one of India’s most popular public figures in Bollywood and Hollywood. Her journey from winning the Miss World title in 2000 to becoming the leading actress speaks volumes about her success.

Priyanka wears luxurious jewels decorated with amazing pearls and astrological gemstones for peace and prosperity. During one of the special occasions, she wore a floral pendant decorated with beautiful diamonds and Ruby beads. It looked striking with her elegant saree. Ruby is related to the Sun, and we can see the powerful and bold impression in Priyanka’s personality. Indeed, the Ruby gemstone has helped her in success and long-lasting fortune.

Dilip Joshi

The journey of life is full of struggle and success. One such inspiring real story is of Dilip Joshi, popularly known as Jetha Lal, the lead character in one of the most-watched TV shows of all time in India – Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Dilip is the most famous personality in every Indian household. Throughout his journey, he believes in karma and admires the magical Ruby’s cosmic energy. He always wears a Ruby (Manik) ring for passion, vitality, and prosperity.

The initial phase of Dilip’s career was full of chaos, struggles, and despair. However, it is rightly said that the storms don’t last forever. After years of hard work and perseverance, he emerged as the most prominent celebrity on Indian television. Everyone loves his character of Jetha Lal, and it is quite possible that the Ruby gemstone, reflecting the Sun’s power, helped him attain this massive success.

Scarlett Jhonson

The beautiful American actress, Scarlett Jhonson, popularly known for her incredible Black Widow character in the Marvel series, admires the positive impact of Ruby gemstone on her life. She wears an aesthetic Ruby cocktail ring that looks amazing with her fashionable attire. Her iconic Ruby ring started a new style statement of a kind.

The majestic cocktail ring highlights the elegance of the natural Ruby gemstone. In fact, it is very well-known that wearing Ruby stone brings positive impressions and success in your life. Moreover, Scarlett’s gorgeous Ruby cocktail ring has created a massive buzz in the celebrity arena and grabbed great attention from the media as well.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is considered the queen of pop culture and one of the most popular celebrities across the globe. She has been the leading singer and songwriter in American culture. At the same time, her love for precious stones and diamonds is equally popular in fashion showbiz.

At the Golden Globe award ceremony, Taylor Swift created an incredible buzz in the arena with her gorgeous diamond drop earrings adorned with a small beautiful Ruby centerpiece. She looked stunning and became the center of attraction among other celebrities. Most of us must be familiar with her remarkable professional journey, full of fortune and prosperity. Taylor Swift is a sensation among the youth, and one can say Ruby gemstone may have assisted her during her journey to the top.

Penelope Cruz

The popular Hollywood actress, Penelope Cruz, looks terrific wearing her crescent-shaped Ruby earring, beautifully decorated with diamond pieces. She likes to wear Ruby jewels that perfectly suit her unique fashionable apparel in events and red carpets.

Ruby gemstone is a sign of wealth, love, passion, and strength. However, the path of life is full of thorns and petals. Penelope has also witnessed highs and lows in her career, but her strong will and aspirations led her to become one of the leading personalities in Hollywood. Therefore, it is possible that the astrological powers of Ruby stone have played a crucial role in her success.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a famous American model and has become the face of the fashion industry. She was voted as the ‘Model of America’ in 2016. Her success story is pretty impressive and inspires millions of girls to accomplish their ambitions.

Bella is a style icon and loves wearing majestic jewels, and she has been seen wearing Ruby gemstone on numerous occasions. The Ruby stone is known for positivity and magnifies individual development. So, there might be a huge connection of this auspicious stone with Bella’s impactful professional journey.

Ruby (Manik) Gemstone can Prove to be a Life-changing Investment

It is seen that cosmic stones have very much influence on the individual’s success. Above mentioned personalities are some of the most famous figures globally, and there is something common among them, i.e., Ruby.

If you wish to put faith or experience the magical powers of Ruby, you can get this precious stone from a trusted gemstone dealer like us at Rajendra Gems World, Delhi. Also, our gemologists recommend making sure you consult an experienced astrologer before getting one. Ruby is a powerful stone and greatly influences an individual’s life, depending on the birth charts.

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