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Yellow Sapphire Price in India: Buy 100% Natural Pukhraj for Astrology Best Price in Delhi

yellow sapphire price in india

When we talk about precious gemstones, Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj is among the most adorable and powerful gems. It is a noble element among Navratna and is known as a repository of celestial blessings. This auspicious gem represents the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. Adorned with eternal beauty and astrological benefits, it is one of the most desirable gemstones.

Whether you are buying Pukhraj for astrological purposes, or for your precious jewelry, this guide by our experts will help you know the complete and authentic details about Yellow Sapphire Price in India, and how to choose the best Pukhraj for you and your family.

Your favorite celebrities, sports players, Politicians, and many other successful people in your circle wear Pukhraj for fortune, good health, and prosperity in their lives.

It is believed to offer incredible astrological benefits that can bring remarkable positive change in the wearer’s life. You might already be knowing most of the yellow sapphire stone benefits, but here are a few of the most powerful astrological benefits of Yellow Sapphire:

  • Pukhraj blesses the wearer with good health, wisdom, knowledge, fame, and fortune
  • As Yellow Sapphire symbolizes Jupiter, the most influential planet in Vedic astrology, Pukhraj reflects the powerful and positive spirit associated with this mighty planet
  • Wearing this sacred stone is also said to help achieve academic and professional excellence, as Jupiter stands for knowledge & wisdom
  • Pukhraj stone is also known to bring harmony to relationships, leading to a blissful married life

Natural Pukhraj is considered best for obtaining cosmic blessings that can bring positive results in the wearer’s life. Our experts recommends to always go for the original and natural Pukhraj stone to receive maximum astrological benefits.

says Ashish Agarwal, Director at Rajendras Gems World, Delhi

How Much Does Pukhraj Costs in India per Carat: Yellow Sapphire Price in India

In general, Yellow Sapphire price per carat in India starts from as low as Rs. 500 and goes over Rs. 1.5 lakh per carat. Pukhraj stone price in India depends on various components such as origin, carat, clarity, rarity, treatments, etc. The original Pukhraj stone values are much higher than the treated ones. For astrological purposes, our experts recommend buying a Natural Pukhraj of Sri Lanka, which would cost around Rs. 5000 per carat to Rs. 18000/- per carat. If you are looking for a more premium product, with more clarity and gemstone transparency, it would cost Rs. 50,000/- per carat and above.

Certified & Original Pukhraj Stone Price in Delhi

Delhi is the main destination for gem lovers, and it is one of the biggest markets of rare and valuable gems in the world.

At Rajendra’s Gems World, we continue to offer different variety of natural and original Pukharaj gemstones in Delhi at competitive rates for individuals, designers, and retailers.

We do provide a government lab certification for pukhraj, from the most authentic and reliable gemstone labs in India including GJEPC, IGI-GTL, etc. This certification costs about Rs. 1500/- for a single gemstone, and usually takes about 2 to 4 business days.

Yellow Sapphire Price Per Carats in India

Pukhraj Price Based on Treatments

Pukhraj has been classified into three popular categories based on the treatments:

  • 100% Natural & Original Yellow Sapphire

Natural Pukhraj originates from Earth and is formed naturally after millions of years, crystallized under high temperatures. It has no or minimal human interference.

However, the original Yellow Sapphire needs some polishing and cutting before it is ready to be sold in the market. It is considered perfect for astrological blessings, bringing remarkable changes in the wearer’s life. That’s why the original Pukhraj stone costs higher than the synthetic or treated one.

  • Heated Yellow Sapphire

Heated Pukhraj also originates from Earth’s crust, but later it gets heating treatment. The process involves chemical heating that induces a more transparent color, reduces inclusions, and gives a glittering impression.

People get heated Pukhraj primarily for jewelry purposes and, more often, for astrological benefits.

  • Glassified or Fractured Filling Pukhraj

Minor fractures, tiny cavities, and other blemishes are generally found in any gemstone, and Yellow Sapphire is no different. They make stone unattractive and opaque, which looks extremely dull.

So, these fractures are filled up with illuminating glass or other materials to amplify the gem’s clarity and color. Such gems are not suitable for astrological purposes, but they are excellent for jewelry and other fashionable pieces.

Natural & Original Yellow SapphireRs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 1,50,000 per carat
Heated Yellow SapphireRs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 1,50,000 per carat
Glassified or Fractured Filling Yellow SapphireRs. 200 per carat to Rs. 2,000 per carat
Yellow Sapphire Price in India – Rajendras Gems World, Delhi
Yellow Sapphire Price in India: Buy 100% Natural Pukhraj for Astrology Best Price in Delhi 1
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) stone price in India

100% Natural & Original Pukhraj Price Range

Natural Pukhraj is a highly coveted and valuable gemstone, best for astrological purposes. It is an untreated gem with no chemical or heating treatment.

Natural Pukhraj only needs cutting & polishing and is ready to use. It costs higher than the treated gems due to its astrological merit. Here are some significant sources of 100% natural Pukhraj stones and their price range.

Natural Yellow Sapphire OriginPrice Range
Sri Lanka Origin PukhrajRs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 1,50,000 per carat
Burmese Origin PukhrajRs. 500 per carat to Rs. 1,50,000 per carat
African Origin PukhrajRs. 500 per carat to Rs. 25,000 per carat
100% Natural and Original Pukhraj Price Range
  • Sri Lanka Origin Yellow Sapphire

The Sri Lankan landscape is the source of the world’s finest natural Yellow Sapphire, and it is the biggest producer of untreated gems having a tremendous demand in the global market. Sri Lanka has a rich legacy of producing rare Pukhraj, having a magnificent golden or light yellow shade.

Notably, India is a massive market for Ceylon Pukhraj, and people adore these beautiful gems.

The price of Sri Lanka Pukhraj stone in India ranges from Rs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 1.5 lakh per carat, depending on the stone’s color, cut, and clarity.

  • Burmese Origin Yellow Sapphire

Burma has been renowned for producing a wide range of precious gemstones, from Ruby to Yellow Sapphire. Burma-origin Pukhraj is one of the most sought gems in the market.

Known for its clarity and shading uniformity, the Burmese Yellow Sapphire price in India fetches incredible value. Usually, the Burmese Pukhraj price starts from Rs. 500 per carat and can reach up to Rs. 1.5 lakh per carat, depending on the rarity of the gem.

  • African Origin Yellow Sapphire

Like other valuable minerals and gems, African land also produces profuse Yellow Sapphire. You can find beautiful Pukhraj in various African countries such as Tanzania, Madagascar, and associated places. However, the mined stone’s quality is dull compared to Ceylon and Burma Pukhraj. It lacks depth in color and clarity and requires substantial treatment to be sold in the market.

Most of the African origin Pukhraj is low-grade stone, opaque, and full of inclusions, fractures, and cavities. They get essential treatments such as chemical heating and fractured filling to make them look more attractive and elegant. African origin Yellow Sapphire price in India begins from Rs. 500 per carat and stretches up to Rs. 25,000 per carat.

Heat Treated Yellow Sapphire

Some Pukhraj stones come with natural inclusions and blemishes that degrade their beauty and appearance. Therefore, they go through heating treatment, which improves the stone’s clarity. The process also refines the natural Pukhraj and enhances its transparency, reducing inclusions to give a captivating appearance. Let’s check out the two most popular heat treated Pukhraj stones:

  • Bangkok Heated Pukhraj

Bangkok is famous for its gem manufacturing industry. It is home to the world’s magnificent and high-grade heated Pukhraj, used especially for ornamental purposes. The process involves heating, polishing, and cutting to make the stone realistic and marvelous. Bangkok treats most natural Yellow Sapphire from different parts of the world, having low-intensity color or lacking clarity.

After heat treatments, these stones look impressively vibrant with ultimate clarity and free from inclusions. Their majestic beauty and shimmering yellow shade make them highly desirable globally. Bangkok heated Yellow Sapphire price in Delhi, India starts from as low as Rs. 1,000 per carat and goes around Rs. 15,000 per carat.

  • African Mined Heated Pukhraj

We know African mines produce an abundance of natural Pukhraj stones. These natural or untreated gemstones come with low-grade quality and lack color density. So, they go through a heating treatment that evokes the genuine beauty of the gems with illuminating color and refined texture.

Notably, African-treated Yellow Sapphire is relatively cheaper than natural or unheated ones. Although it is less expensive, African origin stones have immense demand in the jewelry industry worldwide. The African Yellow Sapphire price in India ranges between Rs. 500 per carat to Rs. 25,000 per carat.

Soaring Prices of Natural Pukhraj: Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

The beautiful gem island, Sri Lanka, is the repository of the world’s finest Yellow Sapphires. Adored for impeccable beauty and astrological benefits, these precious stones have high demand across the globe. The Sri Lankan gemstone contributes immensely to the nation’s economy.

In 2022, the economic situation in Sri Lanka went from bad to worse. The citizens are battling for basic necessities such as food, fuel, electricity, healthcare, and more. The ascending foreign debt is soaring at an unprecedented level, forcing the government to declare a nationwide financial emergency. Sri Lanka is considered one of the biggest exporters of valuable gemstones, such as Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, etc.

The recent economic crisis has tarnished the image of Sri Lanka and disrupted the supply chain of Pukhraj. Traders are charging exorbitant prices for these auspicious stones from buyers. Rajendra Gems World imports most of the natural Pukhraj straight from the mines of Sri Lanka. As a result, the prices of natural Pukhraj have increased significantly. The per-carat price of natural Pukhraj has risen to approximately 20-30% in the international market.

Consequently, the prices in the Indian market have also taken a massive jump. So now, the customers have to pay more than earlier. Moreover, there is a shortage of natural Pukhraj, as Sri Lankan mines have been stopped due to the energy crisis. You can also witness more hikes in Pukraj prices if the situation doesn’t improve in the coming days.

How Rajendra’s Gems can help you get the Best Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Price in Delhi, India?

Rajendra’s Gems World is a reputed gemstone importer and manufacturer in Delhi, India. We offer government-certified gemstones for astrological and ornamental purposes. Our team provides in-depth pricing guides that are completely unbiased and authentic.

We promise to deliver reliable and affordable pricing solutions that align with your specific needs. Carrying a glorious and trustable legacy of over 25 years in the gemstone industry, we are the leading dealer in the wholesale and retail market.

Our valuable experience and expertise will guide you to get an ideal Yellow Sapphire as per your needs. You can also explore and buy Pukhraj online. Rajendra’s Gem World provides a fair and transparent price mechanism that helps buyers get a perfect deal. However, take advice from an experienced astrologer if you’re buying Pukhraj for astrological purposes.

You can discover the ultimate collection of original Pukhraj stones at the best price in Delhi and buy world-renowned Sri Lankan, Burmese, and African Yellow Sapphire at affordable prices.

FAQs About Pukhraj Price in Delhi

1. How to value Yellow Sapphire gemstone?

The value of the Pukhraj stone depends on its clarity, carat, color, origin, and other specific qualities. Primarily, the color of Pukhraj plays a significant role in deriving its value in India. So, the cost of Pukhraj stone is higher if it has high intense color.

2. How much does Pukhraj stone costs?

Yellow Sapphire is a highly desirable gemstone among people and jewelers. Its cost depends on various aspects, including color, origin, carat, and more. Usually, the Pukhraj stone price in India ranges from Rs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 1.5 lakh per carat.

3. Does the shape of Pukhraj affect its pricing?

Designing an attractive shape of Pukhraj is a vital process that provides the ultimate finishing touch to the stone. The cutting ensures the stone looks symmetrical while reflecting genuine beauty with its unique shape and size, such as a square, cube, or hexagon. It also enhances the clarity, making Pukhraj look amazing. So, the shape affects the price of Pukhraj stone directly.

4. Do I need a certification to buy Pukhraj gemstone?

Gemstone industry is a multi-billion market, so many players engage in unsolicited activities to earn maximum revenue. Therefore, to get complete assurance and safety, one should always buy certified Pukhraj. The certification ensures authenticity and natural qualities, such as color, cut, and clarity. However, the certified Pukhraj stone price is slightly higher than the uncertified ones.

5. How to calculate the Pukhraj stone price in India?

Pukhraj stone price in India is calculated with the help of a particular weight measurement known as carat. The price is evaluated primarily by observing its clarity, color, origin, and cut. So, there are multiple components involved in the valuation of every gemstone.

Choose the Certified Yellow Sapphire Gemstone at Best Price from Rajendras Gems, Delhi, India

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