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Factors Affecting Cost of Manik Ratna: Why does the Price Vary?

Factors affecting ruby stone price

There are many determinants of manik stone price in India. However, the most critical components are the type of gem and the four Cs, which include color, clarity, carat, and country of origin.

Main factors determining the Ruby stone price:

  1. Colour of Ruby
  2. Clarity in Ruby gemstone
  3. Carat weight of the Manak Ratna
  4. Country of Origin (Mines)

Colour of Ruby

Among the four Cs, the color is a foreground character that determines the cost of Ruby gemstone. Based on color, three aspects influence the ruby gemstone prices: hue, tone, and saturation.

Pigeon blood ruby is the most desirable due to its impeccable brightness, saturation, and carmine texture. Overall, you can get Manik Ratna in various shades, including red, light pink, pinkish-red, purple-red, and orange. Red Ruby is the most valuable among all other hues.

Clarity in Ruby Gem

In simple words, clarity symbolizes the transparency of the stone and its quality of imperfections, commonly known as inclusions. Fewer the inclusions, the higher the value of the gemstone. It is near impossible to get a Ruby free from natural inclusions.

However, the intensity of inclusions differs, which determines Ruby’s price by clarity. Poor quality or imperfect stones are heated or treated artificially for more clarity. Thus, we recommend buying authentic Ruby stones from certified gemstone dealers and sellers.

Carat Weight of Ruby Gemstone

Let’s talk about Ruby price by weight and size. Like other precious stones, the cost of Manik Ratna depends on its carats. If the stone weighs higher carats, it will fetch a higher value per carat.

Country of Origin of Ruby Stone

The geographical source is a critical factor in determining the price of Manik Ratna. So, it is vital to know the origin of your Rubies and how they are distinct from others. Some of the popular sources of these stones are Asian and African nations such as Thailand, Burma, India, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya. Interestingly, Burmese Rubies are expensive and the finest among all. They are highly decorative and have the highest market reputation.

Type of Gem

There are varieties of Ruby gemstones in the market. These stones feature different shapes, shades, and origins. Each stone has its uniqueness and valuation. Some popular Ruby gemstones are Pigeon Blood, Pink Ruby, Star Ruby, Glass-filled, Moguk Ruby, Burmese Ruby, Madagascar Ruby, etc. Natural rubies are highly demandable compared to glass-filled ones. Thus, the price of pure and natural gemstones is relatively high compared to artificial rubies.

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