Origin of the Ruby Gemstones – How Price of Ruby Vary by their Origin?

Origin of Ruby Gemstones - Rajendras Gems

Ruby (Manik) is one of the most powerful gemstones, known as Ratanraj (king of gems). It is associated with fire and blood, and its aesthetic value and astrological blessings have an immense demand globally. Ruby is considered a mystical gemstone that comes in a vibrant red shade. It represents the Sun, the creator of life, and its cosmic energies hold great healing powers.

Wearing Ruby is said to bring passion, purity, courage, wealth, and prosperity. You also have seen your favorite celebrities wear Ruby for fortune and prosperity.

In this article, you will learn about the different origin of ruby gemstones or Manik Ratna, their significance, and how much ruby costs based on their source or origin. 

Want to know about the different origins of majestic Ruby? It is said that the formation of Rubies began almost 50 million years ago, and the first historical impression of the gem was found in the Himalayan belt and the surrounding nations.

Our team has also created a detailed guide for you about Ruby Stone Price in India, where you will be able to completely know the prices of different kinds of rubies and how other factors affect the cost.

So, let’s know more about the different origins of Ruby and its prices, now.

Origin of Ruby Gemstones or Manik Ratna

Around 2500 BC, the first Ruby was discovered in the famous Mogok Valley of Burma (Myanmar). At present, there are many sources of natural Manik in the world. Apart from the ones mentioned below, some other nations also have smaller deposits of Rubies, such as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Tajikistan, and more.

Here is the list of popular origins of Ruby gemstone:

  1. Burmese Ruby
  2. Madagascar Ruby (African)
  3. Mozambique Ruby (African)
  4. Indian Ruby
  5. Thai Ruby
  6. Other African Ruby

1. Burmese Ruby

Burmese Ruby’s sumptuous and deep red shade makes it rarest and one of the most valuable gems on Earth. Belonging to the Conundrum family, its exquisite tone, sleek texture, and intense fluorescence makes Burmese Ruby most desirable.

Burma is the world’s leading producer of Rubies, with approximately 90% of the market share. It is also home to a wide range of natural and treated gemstones. Most Burma Rubies come from the mines of the famous Mogok Valley. Among all, ‘Pigeon Blood Ruby’ is the finest and most expensive. It is rich, saturated, vivid, and reflects the pigeon’s blood, striking red.

Another exciting aspect of Burmese Ruby is its minuscule inclusions, which offer better transparency and enhance the dispersion of light. Its silk-like inclusions make the gemstone smooth and gleaming. The price of Burmese Ruby can vary depending on the treatment. For instance, unheated Rubies are rare and fetch the highest price in the market compared to heated Rubies.

2. Madagascar Ruby

The beautiful island nation, Madagascar, is famous for its stylish Rubies. The mines of Ruby are not too old; they have been discovered recently. That’s why Madagascar Rubies are a fresh addition to the market of gemstones. They rank among a superior class of Rubies, and Andilamena and Vatomandry mines are the major sources of these precious stones.

The color of the Madagascar Ruby ranges from deep red to orange and royal red. Its saturation level varies from vivid to intense, and the tone includes medium to deep.

3. Mozambique Ruby

Considered one of the most desirable gemstones, Mozambique Ruby is an embodiment of elegance. This gem is famous for its transparency, diverse color, and luminance. Its vibrant shade ranges from purplish-red to orange-red and brownish-red, giving it an unmatched charm.

Interestingly, Mozambique Ruby is also one of the latest varieties discovered in 2009. It comprises rich iron and silk-like inclusions, and the largest deposits are in the famous Montepuez mine.

4. Indian Ruby

As the name implies, India is also a prominent source of natural Ruby. A few landscapes in India are famous for Manik deposits, primarily in the Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Indian Ruby comes in a pinkish-red shade and looks darker with limited transparency. It is mostly opaque, with an abundance of inclusions. So, this type of Ruby goes through various treatments to enhance its clarity and beauty.

5. Thai Ruby

Thai Ruby has great demand in the world gem community. Thailand is famous for producing high-end Ruby, which ranks behind Burmese origin and is an excellent alternative to first-class Burma origin Ruby.

Thai Rubies have a deeper red shade and high clarity. They also consist of high levels of chromium and iron. The Royal Red Thai Ruby is one of the most adorned gemstones in the world and is highly desirable in the international market.

6. African Ruby

Africa is a land of treasures and home to the rarest gemstones in the world. Apart from Madagascar and Mozambique, some significant contributors of Ruby gemstones are Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania. African Rubies are known for their rich red shade and come in various quality ranges from opaque to transparent.

Tanzania Rubies have a darker red hue, and Rubies from Kenyan mines vary from dark pinkish-red to dark pink. The color also varies from pinkish-red to darker red, comprising many natural inclusions. Various treatments are performed to transform African Rubies into a brilliant combination of color and clarity.

Prices of Ruby Gemstones Based on Origin

Ruby is a coveted gemstone and has an enormous demand across the globe. Its impeccable beauty and astrological blessings make it people’s prime choice. As one of the Earth’s precious gems, Ruby prices primarily depend on its sources, i.e., origin. The other prominent factors also help determine the value of a natural Ruby, such as cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Rajendra’s Gems World is a leading importer and manufacturer of authentic gemstones. We offer the best collection of natural Ruby (Manik) at an affordable price.

Our experienced team caters to the needs of the individuals and offers them the best option in the market. We sell natural Rubies from Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, and Madagascar. So, let’s check out the price range of Ruby gemstones in India based on their origin:

1. Burmese Ruby Price Range

Regarded as one of the most expensive gems in the world, Burmese Ruby is the most attractive choice for people.

At Rajendra’s Gems World, the Burma Ruby range starts from ₹22,500 per carat and goes up to ₹90,000 per carat.

Here is the absolute price of few popular Burma Ruby,

  • 4.93 Carats Ruby (5.48 Ratti Manik) – ₹110,925 (₹22,500 per carat)
  • 4.86 Carats Ruby (5.4 Ratti Manik) – ₹145,800 (₹30,000 per carat)
  • 5.52 Carats Ruby (6.13 Ratti Manik) – ₹331,200 (₹60,000 per carat)

Similarly, there are many Burma Ruby which are available on our store.

The prices mentioned are an approximate calculatioons, shared here to give you an idea about different options avaialble. These might change, with or without prior notice, subject to avaialablity, and the market conditions.

2. Mozambique Ruby Price Range

In recent years, Mozambique Rubies have seen tremendous demand in the mainstream. These beautiful gemstones come in an enormous variety.

The Mozambique Ruby price ranges from ₹3,000 per carat and reaches up to ₹45,000 per carat. Listed below are the cost of our most popular Mozambique Ruby gemstones:

  • 5.76 Carats Ruby (6.4 Ratti Manik) – ₹259,200 (₹45,000 per carat)
  • 4.5 Carats Ruby (5 Ratti Manik) – ₹24,750 (₹7,500 per carat)

You have many options in the best Mozambique Ruby, which is ideal per your birth chart.

3. Madagascar Ruby Price Range

The gorgeous island on the Eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar, is the source of one of the finest grades of Ruby. Madagascar Ruby is extremely popular worldwide, especially in India, and it is comparatively cheaper than high-end Rubies from Burma and Mozambique.

The price of Madagascar Ruby in Delhi starts from ₹1,500 per carat and goes up to ₹5,250 per carat. Rajendra’s Gems offers a great diversity of Madagascar Rubies at convenient rates:

  • 4.73 Carats Ruby (5.26 Ratti Manik) – ₹7,095 (₹1,500 per carat)
  • 5.89 Carats Ruby (6.54 Ratti Manik) – ₹10,602 (₹1,800 per carat)
  • 5.52 Carats Ruby (6.13 Ratti Manik) – ₹128,980 (₹5,250 per carat)

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