Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone – Manik Stone Benefits

Astrological benefits of ruby gemstones

In the world of astrology, Ruby (Manik) gemstone is considered as the source of positive energy, which is vital to every soul. It is the most adored and rarest element on the Earth, having a significant influence on culture and humanity since ancient times.

Its attractive beauty and valuable physical attributes make Ruby “King of Precious Stones”.

Throughout the ancient period, Ruby was the most desirable treasure that amplified the elegance of crown, necklace, and jewelry. It was the sign of wealth, nobility, and reputation of the kingdom. Continue reading this guide till the end, to learn and know more about the meaning and purpose of this miraculous gem, Ruby.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits for Astrological USes – Manik Stone Benefits

Below are the most powerful astrological uses of ruby gemstones in Vedic astrology:

  • Ruby strengthens relationships
  • Builds professional excellence & goodwill
  • Ensures mental peace & emotional healing
  • Manik helps to safeguards against evils
  • Ruby has healing properties & health blessings
Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone - Manik Stone Benefits 1
Ruby Stone Benefits – Infographic By Rajendras Gems, Delhi

Ruby Strengthens Relationships

Ruby gems signify the influencing character of the Sun, the central organ of the solar system binding all the planets revolving around it with natural force. In ancient mythology, especially in Vedic culture, the Sun is a guardian figure and has an immense contribution to the creation of life.

Therefore, wearing Ruby gemstone provides you with additional strength to improve your paternal and marital relationships. However, you may witness some complications in your relationships when the Sun sits in a compromising position in your zodiac. In that case, it is advised to have a Ruby gem around you. The embedded Ruby stone in pendants or rings reinforces your cosmic energy and improves your relationship with the close ones by opening the door of generosity.

Builds Professional Excellence & Goodwill

Talking about professional aspects, Ruby stone is popular for enhancing creativity that leads to better career prospects. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, data analyst, trader, accountant, or lawyer; the natural Manik gem has a significant impact on developing self-confidence and innovative insights in your professional realm.

Notably, Manik gemstone furnishes the idea of success, optimism, improving character, and fame. The wearers of the gem are likely to receive positive impressions in their professional as well as personal life. Therefore, you will see many astrologers recommending Ruby gemstone to develop goodwill and elevate your societal status with time.

Ruby Ensures Mental Peace & Emotional Healing

As per Indic culture and astrology, the Ruby stone greatly influences the human navel chakra revitalizing the entire body system. It also helps tackle anxiety, fear, depression, and associated mental issues. Moreover, its natural association with the powerful character Sun, known for the embodiment of commanding authority and impression, helps cultivate strong inner belief.

The wearer of Ruby gemstone can witness an increase in self-esteem that removes all kinds of fear and deep-seated doubts, giving you a sense of mental peace. Further, it also develops the feeling of self-acceptance by diminishing your negative thoughts, which results in emotional healing.

Manik helps to safeguard against Evils

The Ruby crystal is known for its strong resemblance with Earth energy that withholds positive cosmic powers. Therefore, wearing the Manik stone or keeping it nearby protects individuals from evil spirits, sinful thoughts, and nightmares. Its natural essence assists in eliminating the negative energies in your surroundings to create a life full of positivity.

Notably, only the original and untreated Ruby gem will bring healing energy and a positive aura leading to a stress-free and peaceful life. When this supernatural gem touches your materialistic senses, it perfectly aligns with your chakra and thus creates profound spiritual insight that eliminates negative thoughts, incorporating liveliness.

Ruby has Healing Properties & Health Blessings

Ruby gemstone is a marvelous gift of nature and has a strong connection with Earth. It is found in the lap of Earth and thus has natural intrinsic dispositions offering a wide array of health benefits. The stone has an incredible impact on our entire system, including the heart, blood, and ventricles. It stimulates blood circulation, improves heart conditions, rejuvenates vitality, and heals various health complications.

Talking about the healing properties, the Ruby stone is well-known for its detoxification capabilities for both men and women. In addition, it helps in regulating menstrual cycling and soothes the pain during the period.

In the realm of astrology, it is essential to have the Sun in a dominating position in your zodiac. Otherwise, people are likely to suffer various health problems if the Sun remains compromised or weakened in the birth charts. Some of the common ailments are cardiac issues, hemorrhage, bone problems, and Vitamin D deficiency. So, wearing Ruby can offer incredible relief and boosts the entire health system.

Mystical Ruby Gemstone & its Significance

The Sun is a fiery planet burning brightly in the solar ecosystem. In Vedic culture, it symbolizes the soul, honor, leader, high status, governance, administrative service, social contribution, and a few more.

If we talk about the chemical composition of the Ruby gemstone, it consists of aluminum oxide that gives immediate results, just like Sapphire. One can witness significant positive outcomes by wearing Manik Ratna with proper guidance, information, and the correct method.

Ruby gemstone is a perfect companion for the people who lack self-confidence, work in administrative service, or engage routinely in political work. Moreover, it is very encouraging for the people born in the ascendant of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. However, you should consult an astrologer before making any final decision.

Manik Ratna is worn only under special circumstances for positive results after observing the home transit (Grah Gochar), Dasha, and Antardasha of your birth chart.

Moreover, people who face problems related to authority, have heart complications, have hair fall issues, suffer from mild headaches, or have eyes problems should avoid wearing Manik Ratna.

It is said that wearing Manik or Ruby on Sunday for about one and half hours post sunrise can provide immediate and promising results.

The process involves purifying Ruby with raw milk and sacred Ganga water, chanting a rosary of divine mantra – Om Grhini Surya Namah or Om Hram Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah by holding it in your right hand.

Subsequently, make your wishes and witness the beneficial impact in your life that will change your course of life journey.

There is a wide range of Ruby stones in different colors and shapes. However, the shimmering pinkish color Manik Ratna is considered the most promising one.

So, in the end, consider all the necessary recommendations from astrologers regarding Manik Ratna and wear it in the right way to get the valuable benefits.

Who Should Wear Ruby Gemstone?

  • According to Vedic astrology, Ruby suits people who are natives of the Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)
  • On the contrary, as per Western astrology, people who are born in July can wear the mystical Manik stone as Ruby is the birthstone of July month
  • In the zodiac, the Sun is considered favorable for Scorpio owners. So, when the Sun is positioned in the 5th, 6th, 9th, or 10th house, people can wear incredible Ruby gemstones for betterment.
  • Ruby manifests the Sun’s character, i.e., fire. Therefore, individuals who belong to the zodiac sign of Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces can wear this auspicious gemstone.
  • The Sun enmity exists with several planets. Therefore, ascendants Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius should avoid wearing Ruby stone.

Expert’s Recommendations on wearing Ruby:

Forethoughts to take while Wearing Manik Gemstone

  • As Ruby is a symbol of the Sun, carefully check the position of the Sun in your birth chart.
  • Take assistance from the certified astrologer, only then take the final decision about getting a Manik stone.
  • There are numerous blended Ruby stones available in the market. So, make sure you get the original one for the desired results.

Ruby – Meaning & Purpose

The term Ruby is derived from the Latin word “ruber”, which means red. It is popularly illustrated as ‘a deep, vibrant precious red stone’. The Manik stone is one of the hardest materials on the Earth, comprising a blend of Chromium, Aluminum, Oxygen, and Iron. In Hindu scriptures, this sacred stone is associated with the almighty Sun, a universal energy source. It is also known as Ratnaraj (King of Gemstones).

Manik stone personifies the paramount qualities of the Sun that includes life, passion, happiness, enthusiasm, and aspiration. It is also the birthstone of July and the sign of Leo. The wearer of Ruby stone can see extraordinary transformation in every aspect of life, i.e., health, fortune, relationships, and prosperity. It also influences the position of the Sun in the birth chart and thus brings positive changes in an individual’s life.

Get a Magical Ruby Stone – Alleviate your Health & Fortune

So, we are very much familiar with precious Manik stone and its benefits in our life. Are you ready to ignite the power of your inner self, feel the astrological benefits of ruby gemstone and experience spiritual blessings? Wearing a Ruby stone has a significant impact on our life. No matter at which juncture you stand in your life, it will undoubtedly create positive results. However, it is recommended to consult an astrologer to get in-depth information and desired outcomes before wearing a Manik gemstone.

Handpicked ruby gemstone for your astrological purposes

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Get a Magical Ruby Stone – Bring Positive Energies to Health & Fortune

So, we are very much familiar with precious Manik stone and its benefits in our life. Are you ready to ignite the power of your inner self and experience spiritual blessings? Wearing a Ruby stone has a significant impact on our life.

No matter at which juncture you stand in your life, it will undoubtedly create positive results. However, it is recommended to consult an astrologer to get in-depth information and desired outcomes before wearing a Manik gemstone.